What is Stump Grinding?
  • Stump Grinding is the most common method for stump removal and stump pulling as is more commonly thought.
  • ​Stump removal by grinding is an affordable, surgical approach to remove unwanted stumps on your property without destruction to existing foliage and landscaping
  • Our equipment can easily fit through an average gate about 36 inches wide and can maneuver in hard-to-reach spots. We specialize in Seattle stump pulling and tree root removal and serve the communities throughout Western Washington.
Why bother removing a tree stump and tree roots?
  • Unsightly tree stumps lessen your homes curb appeal and lower your property value.
  • Termites and carpenter ants love to infest decaying stumps and underground wood.
  • Tree stumps and root systems must be removed in preparation for fencing, or any building projects, replanting trees, or new landscaping.
  • Tree stumps and root systems must be ground if you want to plant a tree, extend landscaping, put up a fence or build something on that part of your property.
  • Lawnmower damaged by tree stumpTree stumps continue to grow (determined by sucker-growth) and so do the roots, which can damage sidewalks, driveways, foundations, fences, etc.  A big tree can produce roots that extend 20 to 30 feet in diameter.
  • Exposed roots can do serious damage to lawnmowers and other landscaping equipment.
  • Seattle stump pulling can remove barriers to allow proper water drainage.
Why hire a professional, experienced Seattle stump grinder?
  • Knowledgeable Home Owners, Arborist, Tree Service Companies, and Professional Landscapers contract with experienced stump pulling and tree root removal experts in Seattle to save time, money, and limit their liability.
  • Sidewalk damage from tree roots. An experienced stump grinder has access to a variety of stump grinding and tree root removal equipment and knows exactly what equipment is right for any specific job.  There are 4 different types of stump grinders and each comes in a variety of sizes from light to heavy duty.
  • An inexperienced person not familiar with the operation of a powerful, specialized piece of equipment can easily do damage to their property, injure themselves, or even experience death.
  • Rental companies usually carry smaller stump grinders and generally cost between $150 and $300 per day, plus insurance and you’ll need to provide transportation.

We’re Simply the Best Choice for Stump Removal, Because Stump Grinding is All We Do!